Top 10 Jobs That Receive The Most ITAs Under Express Entry

June 5, 2018 – If you want to immigrate to Canada in 2018, a new federal report has listed some of the most in-demand Express Entry jobs that were highlighted by 2017 data.

Technology jobs are the most popular for Canada immigration, according to the report.

Systems analysts, software engineers and computer programmers are key to the growth of Canada’s technology industry.

More than 13,000 technology job candidates achieved Express Entry invitations in 2017.

You do not need a job offer if you want to become a Canadian through the Express Entry immigration system.

Canada is currently promoting immigration to make up for the graduates it loses to Silicon Valley in the U.S. Many Canadian start-ups are desperate for talent, and you could be the next to move here if you have the right qualifications.

What Are the Top Jobs for Canada Express Entry?

# Occupation ITA’s
1 NOC 2171 – Information systems analysts and consultants 5,214
2 NOC 2173 – Software engineers 4,782
3 NOC 2174 – Computer programmers and interactive media developers 3,479
4 NOC 1111 – Financial auditors and accountants 2,386
5 NOC 1241 – Administrative assistants 1,969
6 NOC 1123 – Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations 1,884
7 NOC4 011 – University professors and lecturers 1,830
8 NOC 1112 – Financial and investment analysts 1,783
9 NOC 1122 – Professional occupations in business management consulting 1,621
10 NOC 0124 – Advertising, marketing and public relations managers 1,497

Do I need A Job Offer to Apply for Canada Express Entry?

The quick answer is: NO. Canada’s immigration department changed the Express Entry System to give less importance on a qualified job offer. The change aimed to give more weight to core attributes such as qualifications, work experience, language ability and age. However, a job offer is still one of the best ways to score more points quickly, as it is worth 200 or 50 Express Entry points depending on the skill level.

What is the Canada Express Entry Process?

  1. Candidates submit a profile into the Express Entry Pool.
  2. Each profile is ranked based on the Comprehensive Ranking System, with points given for age, language ability, education, work experience and other factors.
  3. Canada immigration authorities conduct regular draws (usually every two weeks) to invite the highest scoring profiles. Cut-off scores are generally in the region of 410-450 points.
  4. Candidates who receive an invitation to apply have 90 days to submit their full application under one of the programs under the Express Entry system, including Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, Canada Experience Class or Provincial Nomination Program.
  5. Processing times for permanent residence are six months for 80% of applications. 


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