Canadian Employment Outlook 2018: Ontario

Job seekers can expect a hopeful hiring climate in the upcoming quarter, according to employers who report a Net
Employment Outlook of +11%. The Outlook is the strongest in six years, remaining relatively stable quarter-over-quarter, and improving by 2 percentage points when compared with the first quarter of 2017.

Payroll gains are forecast in all 10 industry sectors during the next three months, with Finance, Insurance & Real Estate sector employers reporting the strongest Outlook of +25%. Manufacturing – Durables sector employers report their strongest hiring intentions since the industry sector analysis was first carried out 14 years ago, standing at +20%, while the Public Administration sector Outlook of +19% is the strongest in more than three years. Steady workforce gains are also forecast in the Transportation & Public Utilities sector and the Wholesale & Retail Trade sector, with Outlooks of +15% and +11%, respectively. Meanwhile, the most cautious Outlook for the coming quarter stands at +3%, reported by Mining sector employers.


Hiring plans strengthen in seven of the 10 industry sectors when compared with the previous quarter. The most notable increase of 13 percentage points is reported in the Finance, Insurance & Real Estate sector, while the Outlook for the Transportation & Public Utilities sector improves by 7 percentage points. In two sectors – the Manufacturing – Durables sector and the Public Administration sector – hiring prospects improve by 6 percentage points. However, employers report weaker hiring intentions in two sectors, most notably the Construction sector with a decline of 8 percentage points. Year-over-year, employers in six of the 10 industry sectors report improved Outlooks. Hiring prospects are 11 percentage points stronger in the Finance, Insurance & Real Estate sector, and improve by 10 percentage points in both the Manufacturing – Durables sector and the Transportation & Public Utilities sector. Meanwhile, hiring intentions decline in three sectors, most notably by 8 percentage points in the Manufacturing – Non-Durables sector, and by 3 percentage points in the Construction sector.

Welland/Port Colborne employers report the strongest hiring prospects with a robust Outlook of +32%. Brampton employers anticipate a healthy hiring pace, reporting an Outlook of +25%, and Outlooks stand at +18% and +16% in Kitchener/Cambridge Area and Durham Region, respectively. However, Barrie employers forecast flat hiring activity with an Outlook of 0%, while limited hiring prospects are evident in two areas with Outlooks of +2% – Fort Erie and St. Catharines.

A sharp increase of 29 percentage points is reported for Welland/Port Colborne, while Outlooks are 20 and 16 percentage points stronger in York Region and Brampton, respectively. Elsewhere, hiring intentions weaken in nine areas, most notably by 10 percentage points in Barrie and by 8 percentage points in St. Catharines. Hiring prospects improve in 10 areas when compared with this time one year ago, most notably by 20 percentage points in York Region. Increases of 16 and 14 percentage points are reported in Welland/Port Colborne and Windsor, respectively.
However, Outlooks weaken in 12 areas, including three where Outlooks decline by 7 percentage points – Fort Erie,
Northumberland County and Ottawa.


Source: Manpower

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