9 Emerging Tech Companies to Watch in 2018

inField Clipboard

inField Clipboard Logo

inField Clipboard is a Field Resource Management Software Platform that streamlines work order process from inquiry to invoice. inField Clipboard provides an integrated platform that includes telematics, route optimization, IoT solutions, and work order management software. inField Clipboard works with companies in Trade Services, Construction, Waste Management, and (Complex and On Demand) Logistics industries with users ranging from 5 to 250.

Big achievements in 2017:
  • Commercialized in January, 2017
  • Expanded sales funnel into the U.S.
  • Travelled to NYC for CDMN’s Get There Program and acquired several new big contracts in sales pipeline
  • Moved into the IBM Innovation Space – Markham Convergence Centre as part of ventureLAB’s Venture Services Program
  • Recognized by CIOReview magazine as “20 Most Promising Field Service Solution Providers – 2017”
What to watch for in 2018:

inField will be expanding rapidly, adding sales agents, development and project management staff to support further penetration into the U.S. market and entry into the European market. Additionally, inField is developing partnerships with MNEs to expand services through IoT and A.I.


TimeSaved Logo

TimeSaved is a staffing solutions software and mobile platform that creates a seamless on-demand experience for staffing agencies and recruiters. TimeSaved offers an app that allows recruiters to work from anywhere by leveraging cloud-based solutions.

Big achievements in 2017:
  • Signs on with Canada’s largest group of staffing agencies representing agencies across Canada
  • Receives $50,000 IBM Innovation Incubator (I3) Customer Demonstration program grant to optimize labour utilization through the adoption of smart computing technologies.
  • Presents at the American Staffing Association national conference, by invitation, in front more than 2000 industry leaders on the topic of ‘Disrupting the Disruptors’ with a tremendous response for adoption of TimeSaved platform
What to watch for in 2018:

TimeSaved is expanding sales to the rest of North America and partnering with North America’s largest applicant tracking systems. TimeSaved will continue development of its Watson A.I. chatbot for staffing and increase focus and development on sales, marketing, customer success and customer support teams.


RoadLaunch Logo

RoadLaunch is a high-growth Canadian software as a service (SaaS) startup that provides cloud-based digital management solutions for freight companies across North America using real-time sensors to intelligently monitor trucks, trailers and driver dispatch. FreightFlex is the company’s flagship product that leverages IoT & AI to solves immediate fleet, freight and capacity issues.

Big achievements in 2017:
  • Launches flagship product FreightFlex
  • Deploys IoT enabled Digital Capacity Freight Management
  • Officially releases Smart Load Matching and Digital Capacity Management product enhancements
  • Announces strategic partnerships with:
    • Micode
    • HaulerAds
    • StatGPS (for IoT Sensors)
  • RoadLaunch AI – Powered by IBM Watson – “Cameron” Goes Live
  • Graduates from Infiniti Lab Toronto, was accepted to MARs, ventureLAB and Innovation Factory
  • Presents to six Asian countries at the Canada Trade Commission office in Taipei, Taiwan, securing partnerships in several countries including Taiwan
What to watch for in 2018:

RoadLaunch is driving partnerships forward with leading-edge technology for logistics and freight management. Roadlaunch is expanding operations to include Asia and South America, will secure Series A funding and will integrate Blockchain Smart Contracts on a decentralized asset management and tracking platform.


Audiit Logo

Audiit is a tool built on Oracle Primavera that enables pro-active project management of capital projects and reduces risks by providing real-time accurate project intel. Audiit makes project management systems work harder by effectively tracking and reporting changes critical to performance and profitability.

Big achievements in 2017:
What to watch for in 2018:

Further partnership developments and advances in sales funnel pipeline.

Golf EMS

Golf EMS Logo

Golf EMS is a cloud based Registration Payment Software Platform that golf clubs and similar venues use to collect payments and registration details online. The Golf EMS Platform dramatically increases a clubs’ revenues and profitability by increasing player rounds and event registration volume while decreasing administration costs.

Big achievements in 2017:
  • Integrates with fifth largest payment processor in the U.S. at 55B, Tsys (ProPay is the eCommerce sister company).
  • Integration results in 50% profit share partnership with Tsys, who have an exclusive partnership with the National Golf Course Owners Association and 7200 golf clubs in the U.S. providing access to 7200 golf clubs with additional ongoing content marketing
  • Acquires 120th user at one year post-launch
What to watch for in 2018:

Golf EMS is developing an API with Club Prophet P.O.S. which gives Golf EMS access to 1800+ club users. Golf EMS is launching the Voucher Control module in March 2018 which will allow users to create and redeem vouchers. Other planned APIs include, Gallus Golf projected for March, 2018 and ForeUp POS projected for May 2018, which accounts for an additional 1200 users.


Acto App Logo

ACTO is an AI powered field sales training platform for Life Sciences companies. We enable their sales reps to deliver the right message at the right time to the right people and commercialize the drugs and medical devices faster in the market.

Big achievements in 2017:
  • Achieves 700 percent growth in 2017
  • Selected as a finalist for NACO’s most promising startup of the year
  • Joins Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) for Health IT three-month program in Philadelphia
  • Represents Canada at MEDICA 2017 (World Forum for Medicine) conference in Dusseldorf along with the Canadian Trade Commission
  • Partners with Veeva and Salesforce technologies
  • CTO Kumar Erramilli joins the Forbes Technology Council
  • ACTO leadership takes part in panels such as “Artificial Intelligence and Analytics in Healthcare” alongside other industry experts
What to watch for in 2018:

ACTO is pursuing U.S. expansion starting with senior executive hires in sales and commercialization. ACTO continues to evolve an end-to-end life sciences solution using the power of AI and Machine Learning and predicts “hockey-stick” growth in the 2018 fiscal year. ACTO is growing stronger customer partnerships and success stories through an immersive and streamlined implementation process and building a stronger company brand as emerging life sciences technology leader.


Alexsei Logo

Alexsei provides lawyers and law firms with answers to their complex legal research questions by automating legal research. Alexsei indexes and aggregates the world’s legal research data, making it possible to build an autonomous lawyer to answer complex legal research questions independent of human lawyers. Alexsei is making the law more accessible, and legal services faster, cheaper, and more just.

Big achievements in 2017:
  • August 2017 – Launches Alexsei Search in Ontario, allowing lawyers to ask their legal research questions and upload their existing database for querying and collaborating
  • Fall of 2017 – Begins large scale project to autonomously and precisely categorize legal research questions, identify relevant sources of law and legal principles, and pre-populate legal research memoranda to be reviewed and verified by a human lawyer.
  • Significantly grows number of legal research questions asked and completes the platform for scaling operational components that require human intervention
What to watch for in 2018:

“We are planning significant expansions across the province of Ontario and to other parts of Canada in early 2018. Specifically, we are looking forward to a successful launch in Alberta and British Columbia in the first quarter. Not only will this expansion allow us to demonstrate Alexsei to legal professionals across Canada, it will provide an excellent opportunity for us to experiment our process for scaling our operational jurisdictions. After all, if we are to achieve our goal of scaling Alexsei to the world, we must understand and master the discrete process of scaling jurisdictions.


“Up until now, Alexsei has consisted exclusively of a human-in-the-loop process, with our users’ experience of technical improvements consisting principally of a reduction in answer turnaround times. In 2018, however, we will be unveiling more and more real-time artificial intelligence features to make precise answers to complex legal research questions even more accessible, and for managing large databases of legal research easier and more intuitive for lawyers working in National and International firms.” -Mark Doble, Alexsei Inc.


4pay Logo

4PAY’s CloudABM platform connects to existing banking networks and settles transactions as an ATM transaction from a consumers’ device into participating banks. 4PAY enables banks to offer unbanked services including agency banking in remote regions, unbanked merchant services, and virtual credit cards on demand. 4PAY applies proprietary data analytics to extract key unbanked user attributes to assist banks to evaluate the user-conversion opportunity from unbanked to banked.

Big achievements in 2017:
  • Launched projects for multiple signed agreements for clients in Canada
  • Separate joint ventures negotiated to launch in Bangladesh and India
  • 4PAY CloudABM platform advanced to add blockchain and agency banking capabilities
  • Completed user testing and soft launch of CloudABM in Tanzania
What to watch for in 2018:

4PAY expects to complete the roll out of CloudABM mobile wallet to 3.5M bank account holders in Tanzania while expanding into India, Bangladesh, and as many as 10 additional countries in Africa. 4PAY expects to sign and deploy first CloudABM agency banking solution in Eastern Africa and deploy a CloudABM solution in the eastern Caribbean.


TieiT App

TieiT is a powerful, easy-to-use marketing automation and sales platform that incorporates multiple platforms into one easy to use place. TieiT offers a CRM, email marketing, social media management, invoices and estimates, a form builder, SMS marketing and a cohesive lead generation and sales funnel.

Big achievements in 2017:
  • Invited to present company at Tech Day on Parliament Hill
  • Acquires 200th customer – TieiT is being utilized by over 15 different industries across the globe
  • Receives OCE SmartStart Seed Fund $30,000
  • Receives 2017 Partner of the Year Award from the Franchise Brokers Association for Innovative Technology
  • Successfully launches over 8 exciting new modules and features that have helped users to replace other applications and improve collaboration between teams:
    • Scheduling App
    • Subscription module with an intelligent dunning management
    • Social Media Chrome Extension
    • Project Management Module
    • Meetings Integration
    • SMS automations
    • Advanced insights
    • All-in-one marketing campaigns combining Email, Social and SMS
  • Creates the TieiT App for conferences and events to help manage and connect leads, exhibitors and attendees
  • Launches the TieiT Startup Program
  • Accepted into the IBM Innovation Incubator (I3) Program
What to watch for in 2018:

In 2017, TieiT centralized all key features that small and large organizations need to market, manage sales and operate their business. In 2018, TieiT will leverage accumulated data and apply machine learning and AI technologies.


Source: Venture Lab


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