Best Jobs in Logistics in 2018

Where are logistics jobs in Canada headed?

As the second largest country in the world, Canada has long been recognized as a transportation leader. To keep Canadian exports flowing smoothly and deliver goods to all of Canada’s far-reaching communities, Canadians rely on the expertise of the logistics industry. Despite the emergence of automated technologies (such as Amazon’s dabbling in a drone delivery program) there is no reliable replacement for skilled logistics workers. The dominance of e-commerce and online purchasing has also driven steady demand for logistics workers. In the past year, ‘warehouse worker’ became the top logistics job in Canada, likely driven by our growing dependence on online shopping. Online orders need to be stored and shipped, and warehouses and fulfillment centres are popping up around the country to handle demand.

The best logistics jobs in 2018

1. Warehouse worker               2. Forklift operator

3. Logistics coordinator           4. General laborer

5. Mechanic                             6. Shipping & receiving

7. Order clerk                          8. Warehouse manager

Growth in the logistics sector in 2018

The logistics industry employs 1.1 million Canadians. There’s a steady demand for logistics workers nationwide, however the need is particularly concentrated in central Canada. The logistics sector grew modestly, adding 1,770 jobs last year. Montreal added the most logistics jobs of any city in Canada.

Logistics salaries in Canada in 2018

Average logistics salary in Toronto: $29,500 to $48,100

Average logistics salary in Vancouver: $30,600 to $51,650

Average logistics salary in Montreal: $27,100 to $39,600

Average logistics salary in Calgary: $31,350 to $54,200

Average logistics salary in Edmonton: $31,150 to $53,600

Average logistics salary in Ottawa: $29,150 to $46,750

Average logistics salary in Quebec city: $25,450 to $33,950

Average logistics salary in Halifax: $29,250 to $47,050

The best logistics skills in 2018

1. Freight+                                  2. Forklift driving

3. Tractor driving                        4. Dump truck driving

5. Materials handling                 6. Transportation of dangerous goods

7. Bills of lading                         8. Preventative maintenance

Top industries for logistics jobs in 2018

Given the dominance of online retailers that need to ship their products to customers, it should be no surprise that the majority of employers that are recruiting logistics candidates are in various industries related to retail and manufacturing.

Source: Randstad

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