Best Engineering Jobs in 2018

Where are engineering jobs in Canada headed?

As has been the case for several years now, engineering remains a candidate-driven field. The number of engineering jobs has grown steadily. In fact, engineering was one of the strongest sectors in terms of growth over the past year, adding over 7,000 new jobs. This makes sense, as Canada’s manufacturing sector rebounded in 2017, following a poor year in 2016. The future continues to look equally bright for engineers. An estimated 20% of engineers are over 55, and looking toward retirement in the near future. This means there’s plenty of room for bright young engineers to carve out a career path and move into high paying senior and management roles in the near future.

In terms of engineering trends, technology continues to be dominant. The number one skill employers are looking for in engineers is knowledge of Computer Aided Design software. If you know AutoCAD, CATIA or other industry-standard CAD software, you’re poised for flourishing engineering career.

Best engineering jobs in 2018

Engineers are in high demand in 2018. With a Professional Engineer (P.Eng) certification under your belt, your employment prospects are excellent. Virtually all engineering specialties are experiencing labor shortages in Canada. The list of the top 8 best engineering jobs is relatively unchanged from last year. Electrical engineer dethroned mechanical engineer as the best job, and manufacturing engineer moved up several slots.

1. Electrical engineer        2. Mechanical engineer

3. Project engineer           4. Manufacturing engineer

5. Engineering manager   6. Process engineer

7. Quality engineer           8. Civil engineering technician

Growth in engineering jobs in 2018

Canada is home to approximately 250,000 engineers. According to the latest census data, there was an increase of 7,050 new engineering jobs in Canada, indicating strong growth in this sector.

Central Canada (Ontario and Quebec) are currently the best job markets for engineers, likely due to their strong manufacturing presence. Almost one third of the new jobs were created in or around Toronto. Following Toronto and Montreal, Edmonton and Calgary are the next strongest markets.

Average engineering salaries in 2018

The median annual salary for engineers is $81,700, which represents a significant increase from the median of $72,000 last year. The lowest-earning 10% of engineers make about $51,100. The top 10% of earners make $112,300.

Average engineering salary in Toronto: $52,300 to $108,250

Average engineering salary in Vancouver: $52,050 to $116,900

Average engineering salary in Montreal: $45,200 to $95,200

Average engineering salary in Calgary: $61,900 to $122,750

Average engineering salary in Edmonton: $59,800 to $128,650

Average engineering salary in Ottawa: $56,750 to $123,800

Average engineering salary in Quebec city: $42,050 to $91,150

Average engineering salary in Halifax: $55,750 to $112,600

The best engineering skills in 2018

In 2018, the top skill employers are looking for is knowledge of computer aided design software. The industry standard autoCAD is the most in demand, though any CAD software will boost your resume. CATIA is also growing in popularity and is new on this year’s list of most in demand skills. Also new on the list of engineering skills for 2018 is Six Sigma, a lean manufacturing methodology.

1. AutoCAD                                    2. Quality assurance

3. Computer aided design             4. CATIA

5. Six sigma                                    6. Instrumentation

7. Solidworks                                  8. Engineering drawing

Industries hiring engineers in 2018

In 2018, the list of top industries hiring engineers is relatively unchanged from last year. Manufacturing continues to be the top industry hiring engineers. Wholesale retail and construction also remained in the top 5. The only new addition on this year’s list is the government, due to the many large construction and infrastructure projects launched in 2017.

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