Best Manufacturing Jobs in Canada 2018

Where are manufacturing jobs in Canada headed?

Manufacturing is the backbone of the Canadian economy. When the manufacturing sector does well, other industries follow. Last year was a good year for the manufacturing sector, which rebounded after a poor 2016. However, manufacturers are facing one dilemma in 2018: as the Boomer generation settles into retirement, they are unable to replace skilled trade workers fast enough. Finding young talent interested in the skilled trades will be a challenge the industry must address over the next few years. Today’s manufacturing jobs are very different from only a handful of years ago. As menial tasks become automated, employers are shifting away from general labor and towards skilled tradespeople. Skills like welding, milling and knowledge of CNC machining are all in demand, and currently facing labor shortages.

The best manufacturing jobs of 2018

1. Welder               2. Production supervisor

3. Machinist           4. Production laborer

5. Assembler          6. Operations supervisor

7. CNC machinist   8. Manufacturing laborer

Growth in manufacturing jobs in Canada

Canada’s manufacturing sector had a strong year, last year, bouncing back from poor performance in 2016. In the last year, the manufacturing sector added 12,600 jobs, more than any other single sector in Canada. The new jobs weren’t concentrated in any one area, with gains happening all over the country. Only Calgary saw a slight decrease in the number of jobs, likely due poor performance in the oil and gas sector.

Manufacturing salaries in Canada

Average manufacturing salary in Toronto: $30,200 to $50,300

Average manufacturing salary in Vancouver: $30,950 to $52,900

Average manufacturing salary in Montreal: $27,400 to $40,650

Average manufacturing salary in Calgary: $32,450 to $58,100

Average manufacturing salary in Edmonton: $33,300 to $61,050

Average manufacturing salary in Ottawa: $30,950 to $52,900

Average manufacturing salary in Quebec city: $26,500 to $37,450

Average manufacturing salary in Halifax: $35,200 to $67,600

The best manufacturing skills in 2018

The number one skill in the manufacturing sector in 2018 is a new one: blueprints. The ability to read and create blueprints is in high demand. Mainstays on the list of best manufacturing skills include quality control, the ability to drive a forklift, and computer numerical controls. Other new skills on the 2018 list include knowledge of skilled trade equipment like welding and milling tools. Master these skills, and your future in the manufacturing industry looks positive!

Armed with this knowledge, we hope you are able to find the desired job in manufacturing!

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