Best Technology and IT Jobs 2018

Where are tech jobs in Canada headed?

The only thing that’s constant in the world of tech is change. As we’ve seen over the last few years, new and innovative technologies come and go. To be employable in the tech sector, you need to be on top of these trends and open to constantly learning about your craft. That said, for the last several years Java has been the coding language of choice among top employers, however other coding languages like Python and Ruby have been creeping up in popularity. As a whole, developers with knowledge of both front end and back-end coding are intensely in demand.

Best tech jobs in 2018

The 2018 best jobs are very similar to last year’s list. The top 5 remain unchanged. Project managers and various types of developers are in high demand. System administrators also appear in the top 8 for the first time in 2018. In 2018 the most in-demand coding skill remains Java. Rest assured, if you know how to code, you should have no trouble finding a job!

Growth in Canadian tech jobs in 2018

Canada’s tech industry boasts 488,000 IT professionals, who work in diverse fields ranging from project management, to software development, to data analysis, to information security. In the last year, the number of jobs in the tech field grew by 11,500, making it one of the fastest growing sectors in Canada. Almost half of the newly created jobs were in Toronto, (over 5,000) though Montreal came in strong with 2,000 new roles created.

Average IT salaries in Canada in 2018

The IT industry offers some of the most competitive salaries in the country. The median annual salary is $81,500, up from $76,000 last year. The bottom 10% of earners in the tech field make less than $48,750, whereas the top 10% of earners make in excess of $114,300.

Average IT salary in Toronto: $56,600 to $119,650

Average IT salary in Vancouver: $55,950 to $119,050

Average IT salary in Montreal: $45,050 to $101,100

Average IT salary in Calgary: $57,000 to $125,350

Average IT salary in Edmonton: $58,000 to $124,250

Average IT salary in Ottawa: $61,050 to $125,050

Average IT salary in Quebec city: $42,200 to $91,800

Average IT salary in Halifax: $57,250 to $116,800

The best tech skills in 2018

The top skill for another year is Java. SQL also holds onto its position as the 2nd most in demand skill. New entries on the list of top skills for 2018 include .net and Python. As you might expect, the vast majority of skills are coding related. If you know how to code, you’re in a strong position in the candidate-driven tech market.

Source: Randstand

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